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Climbing at the Dachstein

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Via ferrata at Dachstein

As already mentioned, all difficulty levels for the via ferratas are included in the offer. The Seewand via ferrata from Hallstatt to the Gjaid ALM is particularly well-known. It is characterized by challenge and endurance, but also by fascination and beauty: many stunning views of lakes and the Salzkammergut. However, there are also easier via ferratas, for example on the Däumelkogel.

New: Dachstein Chamois

Wow! From now on, the ultimate adrenaline rush at the new Dachstein Krippenstein for you. The highlight for our Alpine enthusiasts is now the new via ferrata at the Dachstein Krippenstein, which guarantees an unforgettable day of adventure. Added to this is a magnificent view of the Inner Salzkammergut, a moment of special significance.

Anniversary via ferrata (C-D)

250 m, 1-1,5 hours.
Starting point: ‘Feisterer’ Inn/Hotel, Vordere Ramsau.
Planquadrat: G12

Seewand via ferrata

800 m, 4-6 hrs.
Start: Kesselkurve Planquadrat. G8 The ascent duration of 4 to 6 hours requires very good physical condition as well as appropriate climbing equipment. The via ferrata is accessible from the end of June to mid-October.

Ramsau via ferrata (A-B-C)

4km, 3-4 hours
Starting point: Dachstein-Südwandbahn
Planquadrat: G12

Koppenkarstein Westgrat B

160 m, 1 hrs.
Starting point: Dachstein-Südwandbahn
Planquadrat: F11

Johann Klettersteig / C, D-E:

550 m, 2,5 -4 hrs.
starting point: Dachstein-Südwandbahn or Dachstein-Südwandhütte
Planquadrat: E11

Wildkar via ferrata / C-D:

200 m, 50-60 min.
Starting points: Simonyhütte
Planquadrat: E10

Sandling via ferrata/ A-B:

100 m, 50-60 min.
Starting point: Sarteinblick Inn, above Oberlupitsch
Planquadrat: I2

Ewige Wand via veratta / B-C:

40 m, 15-20 min.
Starting point: Parking lot above the Rathluck’n Hut.
Planquadrat: F2

Leadership via ferrata / B-C:

100 m, 35-50 min.
Starting point: mountain hotel Predigstuhl
Planquadrat: F2

Gangsteig / A:

Circular tour over the Salzberg approx. 3 hours.
Starting point: Echerntal Hallstatt
Planquadrat: F7

Schöberl via ferrata / B-C:

130 m, 30-50 min.
Starting point: Simonyhütte 2204 m.
Planquadrat: E10/11

Over the Hohen Strichkogel and Steinriesenkogel / B:

1,5 hrs.
Starting point: Vd. Gosau Lake
Planquadrat: A9

Sparber / A-B:

2,5 hrs.
Starting point: Parking lot Kleefeld
Planquadrat: A1

Rinnkogel / B:

Climb the last 100 vertical meters to the summit, 3-3.5 hours.
Starting point: First bend/switchback of Postalm Road.

Linzer Path / A-B:

557 m, 3,5 hrs.
Starting point: Hofpürglhütte
Planquadrat: D10

Western ridge / A-B:

350 m, 2 hrs.
Starting point:
Planquadrat: E11

Crevasse ascent / A, B-C:

250 m, 1-1,5 hrs.
Starting point: Mountain station of the Dachstein South Wall Cable Car.

Rettenkogel / A-C:

1250 m, 3-3,5 hrs.
Starting point: Schöffaubach Gully.
Planquadrat: B1/2

Linzer Path / A-B:

557 m, 3,5 hrs.
Starting point: Hofpürglhütte
Planquadrat: D10

Western ridge / A-B:

350 m, 2 hrs.
Starting point:
Planquadrat: E11

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